NEOSTART relies a great deal on the voluntary engagement of individuals. Usually these individuals are students in their final years of university who have an interest in topics which are closely related to those which NEOSTART’s goals and projects derive from (the Universities for Special Education and Rehabilitation, Philology, Political Science, and Security Studies). Naturally, our team is made up of individuals who believe that through their own involvment they can contribute to our work but also legitimately engage themselves in a worthwhile way.

For all those interested, NEOSTART organizes specific training sessions three times a year. Over the course of the entire year interested persons can send their CVs and cover letters to the following email: volontiraj@neostart.org, and they will be informed at the soonest upcoming training session whether or not they will be accepted into the program. Accepted volunteers are expected to work with the organization for four hours a week, and their tasks will vary depending on which program they are assigned to.

In this way every volunteer is also able to experience personal growth by strenthening their own personalities, acquiring practical skills which will be useful in their future professional lives, and by spending time with other volunteers. Foreign students who have been able to spend time in Belgrade have also shared in the positive experience of being part of Team NEOSTART.




As told by NEOSTART volunteers:

Dragica (24), Special pedagogue:

"Volunteering at NEOSTART makes me feel useful, and at the same time get knowledge and skills needed for the calling i chose. I am especially happy to work alongside with other team members on changing the image of former convicts in Serbia."

Milica (25), Special pedagogue:

"Volunteering at NEOSTART helped me to look on people HERE and NOW, what they are and what they want to become. The feeling that volunteering gave me can be explained with one sentence: “Choose the job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life”."

Gerlinde (26), Social worker, Austria

"Volunteering at NEOSTART allowed me to get better insight in functioning of the penal system in Serbia, especially after incarceration care, and to contribute to it in accordance with my capabilities. That’s the way i feel very useful."

Dejana (20), student at DUKE University, USA

"Volunteering at NEOSTART allowed me to find out more about after incarceration care, in the world as well as in Serbia, and to understand why it is important. I am especially joyful for being the part of humanitarian activities and working with people who need help."