Publications "Life after prison "

Abstract of Research results of convicted persons needs in post-penal period

Publications Research was carried out in period from September to October 2014, in four correctional institutions in Serbia (KPZ Nis, KPZ Sremska Mitrovica, KPZ Pozarevac and KPZ for female in Pozarevac). The goal of the research was collecting data regarding ex-prisoners needs in post-penal period. Research sample was constituted of prisoners which had two years or less to sentence expiration, second part was constituted of prison treatment officers.

For the goal of this research one questionnaire was made for prisoners, which contained 65 open-ended and closed-ended questions and the other questionnaire was made for prison treatment officers with 8 open-ended questions.

The research included 547 prisoners and 28 prison staff officers. We had 498 male and 49 female subjects. Most frequent age category was in the range of 26 to 33 years of age, and re-offenders made 40,9% of the overall sample. One fourth of the overall sample was made of prisoners convicted for offences against human health (unauthorized production, possession and selling of narcotic drugs), and close to...